Friday, May 21, 2010

Captain Jack Unveiled!

After months of work, Captain Jack, a Revolutionary War figure in Mecklenburg Co. was finally unveiled in Charlotte Wednesday evening. Cokie Roberts spoke briefly as did the artist Chas Fagan. A small version of the statue was auctioned off to raise money. Ed and the crew at Carolina Bronze were all delighted to see the statue out in the open. They have been working for months to get it finished. Ed and I attended the Gala ceremony on Wednesday and the public unveiling was on Thursday. After the ceremony we went for coffee and dessert at a local resturant. It was a beautiful night to be in downtown Charlotte. It reminded me of how much I miss living in a big city. If you get the chance, stop by and see the sculpture. It is, as are all of Chas's sculptures, beautiful. Go here to read more about the unveiling and about Capt. Jack's ride.