Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This has been a crazy month. Wedding plans proceed. 2 sets of portraits have been done, one in the studio and one at the Grandover. Some of those outside on a VERY cold and windy Sunday morning! Sage was a real trooper, posing without complaints.

This weekend is my Art Education conference. I have 2 presentations to give and a meeting to preside over. I am looking forward to it, but sad that I don't have time to stay the whole weekend.

My National Art Honor Society has just published their 2nd annual calendar. This year it is in full color and costs just $10. All proceeds go to our chapter and the art department to buy supplies for the kids and to fund a $300 scholarship for a senior art student. With the state budget cuts this year, I don't plan on getting ANY money to support our program so we really need to sell lots of calendars. I'll try to get pictures up soon!

Guess that's all for now.