Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello from Chicago

I'm at the Art Institute of Chicago this week for their Teacher Institute for Contemporary Art. So far they have kept us all very busy. We are getting lectures on contemporary art during lunch and dinner as well as studio time during the day. The city itself is beautiful! Several of us walked out to the lakefront last night. The whole area is one giant marina. The boats are so beautiful. The dorm room that I am staying in looks out over the street. The view at night with all the lights is awesome. The first night everyone was awakened by an incredibly shrill alarm. Turns out someone had burned some food in one of the rooms. Nothing like walking down 8 flights of stairs and standing on the streets of Chicago at 11 PM in your jamies! Got to go and head over to the studio building. It is behind the museum. Hope to get some new work done this week.

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